Paul Ryan: Dems Will ‘Regret’ Not Voting For Tax Cuts

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said Friday: Democrats will regret not voting for the republican tax cut legislation. Ryan went on to add “Businesses staying here, businesses expanding, businesses investing in capital, workers getting wage increases, workers getting bonuses, better benefits, 401(k)s, maternity leave. All of those kinds of things are now being announced, and it’s just been 20 days.”

Democrats have been fighting the benefits of the new tax legislation put into legislation by republicans. As Paul Ryan stated, it has done nothing but reap positive benefits to all levels of the working class. Mothers, fathers, and even children are benefiting from the tax bill. Not just the rich.

The democrats argument that the tax bill will only help the rich is just outright wrong. The tax cuts have been in effect for just 20 days, and already over 60 companies have stated there will be pay raises, and bigger bonuses to their employees as a direct result of the cuts. Not only that, but multiple large corporations have come out stating they will invest more and more into the economy. Something that even the democrats wallets will feel.

Reporting from The Daily Lev ~Levi Perry