Youtube Wages War Against Infowars

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Many news outlets are pushing YouTube to shut down the Alex Jones youtube channel where many Infowars videos are posted. CNN along with others have claimed that Alex Jones called the Florida high school shooting a hoax and that Infowars were bullying the victims. 

Although Infowars has been the source of many conspiracy theories, this is outright wrong. Infowars never stated that the school shooting was a hoax, and there was no bullying aimed at victims of the shooting. This is simply an example of liberal news outlets trying to shut down real and honest news… along with a competitor in the media realm. 

From Infowars:

The fact that CNN attempted to script a town hall event, and then called one of the survivor’s and heroes of the shooting a liar when he exposed them for it, shows that it is in fact CNN which is bullying students.

CNN also bullied and harassed an old lady outside her home in Florida this week, a move that was widely condemned by media personalities across the political spectrum.

Levi Perry, owner and editor of The Daily Lev.