Dreamers Turn On Democrats As March 5th Deadline Hits

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On Monday, in order to make a political point, Dreamers staged a sit-in blocking the entrance to the DNC office in Washington after Democrats ignored the March 5th deadline for action on DACA.

U.S. citizen immigrant-rights activists in support of the Dreamers have also stated that they will be ending their membership with the Democratic Party to further their statement.

It has been six months since President Trump announced the phaseout of the DACA program. The president suggested during that phaseout period Congress should come up with a new and improved plan on DACA granting Dreamers legal status.

The president has offered a plan trying to bring both sides closer on the issue of DACA, but the Democrats declined due to increased border security and an end to chain migration as outlined in the president’s plan. Republicans on the other hand thought that allowing Dreamers with amnesty and legal status went too far in the other direction.

“The Democrats made the calculation to kick the can down the road and allow hundreds of thousands of us undocumented youth to live in uncertainty. We are anxious and we are scared of being torn away from their homes and our community,” Maria Duarte, a DACA recipient said.

Many Democrats have criticized President Trump’s ability to show leadership on DACA. Of these Democrats is Tom Perez, Chairman of the DNC. “Donald Trump’s decision to end DACA created an unnecessary crisis that has left hundreds of thousands of Dreamers uncertain about their future. And now his arbitrary deadline has passed without any action from the president or Republicans in Congress,” Tom Perez stated.

President Trump has offered time and time again to work with Democrats on a solution to DACA, yet the Democrats are blockading the matter. It is clear that the Democrats don’t have compassion for Dreamers, they just want their votes in the midterms.

If the president offered for every single DACA recipient to stay and be granted legal status, that wouldn’t be good enough for the Democrats. What the Democrats want is a long term grasp on elections. With millions of illegals pouring into this country, all calculated to vote Democrat, why would the Democrats want to end that?

If the Democrats cared greatly about the Dreamers living in this country illegally as they state, they would have accepted the president’s offer for nearly every single Dreamer to stay.

It’s not about the lives… it’s about the votes. All they want is money and power.

Levi Perry, owner and editor of The Daily Lev.