NKorea To Stop Nuclear Missile Tests If Talks Begin With U.S.

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On Tuesday, South Korea announced that North Korea will stop all nuclear missile tests if talks between the U.S. and North Korea are held in Pyongyang. This comes after South Korea traveled to North Korea for talks between leaders.

South Korea added that North Korea is willing to remove all nuclear weapons if all threats of military action are ended, and North Korea’s security is guaranteed.

From The Hill:

Kim said during a dinner with the envoys that he has a “firm will to vigorously advance the north-south relations and write a new history of national reunification by the concerted efforts of our nation to be proud of in the world.”

President Trump responded to a report of the meeting between Kim and the South Korean envoys with a five-word tweet: “We will see what happens!”

More details as the story develops…

Levi Perry, owner and editor of The Daily Lev.