Trump Seeking Deal With Mueller To End Russia Probe

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On Friday, The Wall Street Journal reported that President Donald Trump’s lawyers might offer to have an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller in exchange for a speedy end to the Russia probe.

Mr. Trump has stated that the Russia probe is nothing but a ‘witch hunt’ and it is a distraction that continues to hurt this nation. Since the open of the Russia probe, there has been no evidence that can refute President Trump’s claims that it is a ‘witch hunt,’ and that there was no Russian collusion. 

Earlier in December, Mike Flynn was dismissed from the White House and plead guilty to lying to Robert Mueller’s investigators about his contacts. Many have urged the president to not have a sit down meeting with Robert Mueller as it could be a perjury trap, and similar things could happen to the president as they did with Flynn.

Russia, along with Trump, has stated that there was absolutely no meddling in the 2016 election.

According the The Wall Street Journal:

​The president’s legal team is under pressure from Mr. Trump to bring about an end to the probe. Mr. Trump has been eager to see the investigation wrap up as quickly as possible, describing it as a distraction that is hurting the country. His lawyers have repeatedly laid out public timelines by which they expected the investigation to end. Those deadlines have come and gone.

Whatever happens in the next few days, it is clear that President Trump wants an end to this Russia probe and rightfully so. The probe has gone on for months without a wink of evidence that there was collusion. End the witch hunt.

Levi Perry, owner and editor of The Daily Lev.