Larry Kudlow For National Economic Council?

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For those who haven’t kept up with Washington’s political affairs, Larry Kudlow is a former Democrat who previously hosted his own program, The Kudlow Report, from 2009-2014, as well as co-hosted a spinoff of the show, Kudlow & Cramer, from 2002 to 2005.

Why should one care? Well, because now he’s aligned with the GOP and identifies as a Conservative Republican. Don’t find those every day in DC, and when you do, they can be easily blackballed.

And now at the ripe age of 70 years old, President Trump has allegedly expressed interest in appointing Kudlow as director of the White House’s National Economic Council, ultimately replacing Gary Cohn as soon as Cohn officially leaves office.

Some may wonder why, but unless one may have been studying the 2016 presidential race more closely, many don’t realize that Kudlow acted as an “informal adviser” to Trump during the campaign season.

The two are very alike in their dispositions, television hosting experience, financially savviness, and (let’s be real) love of the spotlight; meaning: Kudlow could either be the edge President Trump needs to continue slashing unnecessary, outsourced debt, OR simply another strong-willed personality in the White House who may only steer the Commander in Chief in a opposite direction.

According to a recent article co-written by Kudlow and published through the National Review, it seems the two may not be completely on the same page as some may think, “Trump should also examine the historical record on tariffs. If he does he’ll see they have almost never worked as intended and have almost always delivered an unhappy ending.”

Fair question: Are these the words of Kudlow himself, or the workings of the co-authors Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer? Regardless, Kudlow’s name is attributed to the article, thus labeling his judgments as potential “opposing outlooks” to President Trump’s.

The current White House Administration has previously been labeled as “too passive” to the Commander in Chief’s political executions. Nevertheless, since Kudlow has already spoken bluntly through the press and is allegedly STILL being considered, then maybe President Trump may in fact be looking for an alternative course of action.

The nation shall see in the coming weeks which direction will be perused.

Caleb Fernandez, writer at The Daily Lev.