Trump Signs Massive Spending Bill

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On Friday, despite President Donald Trump’s threat to veto the massive spending bill, the president decided to sign it.

Trump stated that although he wasn’t pleased with some aspects of the bill, he loved the fact that there would be increased funding for military personnel. “My highest duty is to keep America safe,” Trump said.

The signing of the bill comes soon after President Trump had threatened to veto the bill due to a lack of border wall security, and other aspects the president disagreed with. 


Trump’s veto threat was at odds with top members of his administration and House Speaker Paul Ryan, who had said Thursday that he was supportive of the measure. The White House also issued a formal statement of administration policy indicating Trump would sign the bill. Several advisers inside and outside the White House said earlier Friday that they suspected the tweet was just Trump blowing off steam.


Many Conservatives are upset with the fact that the president signed the bill. As one of the largest spending bills in U.S. history, pieces of legislation such as this are not anticipated to pass under a majority Republican government. 

This massive spending bill shows a sad truth about the current Republican party. Establishment Republicans have been swept up in the growth of the D.C. swamp, voting for more spending, and giving way to illegal immigrants.

The president ran a campaign on busting up the establishment, and he has only given way to their mindset. I have hope that the next decision of his will respect the views of his own political party. 

Levi Perry, owner and editor-in-chief of The Daily Lev.