Dems Flock To Streets In ‘March For Our Lives’ Protest

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On Saturday, youthful Democrats flooded the streets of many U.S. cities in a rally to promote stricter gun laws after the recent school shooting at a South Florida high school.

The number of protesters fell short of predictions made by the organizers of the rally with only 200,000 people attending the march in Washington D.C., a far lower number than the 500,000 people that were predicted to attend according to The Daily Caller.

The much lower turnout than predicted shows a key point. The Democrats’ ability to stick together under the topic of guns is being diminished. Wake up calls to students that banning guns is not the answer to a safer world has disrupted the Democratic narrative. Some students have even supported a new push to arm teachers in schools for a safer learning environment. 

The delusion of the marchers was abundantly clear, as pointed out by Breitbart:

Two high school students from Pennsylvania told Breitbart News that a Second Amendment guaranteeing the right for American citizens to keep and bear arms would not be necessary if there were no guns in the United States.


The false narrative from the left that banning or restricting guns is the solution to a safer America is just absolute ridiculous. As we saw in Britain, after they banned nearly all guns, the overall violent crime rate in the country tripled. 

The left won’t give up on this, and neither will the right. As some political opinions are able to be compromised, this just isn’t one of those. We  will have to just wait and see what the lawmakers of this country do, and hope that they don’t give way to the delusional thought of the left.

Levi Perry, owner and editor-in-chief of The Daily Lev.