Trump Expels 60 Russian Diplomats

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On Monday, President Donald Trump expelled 60 Russian diplomats, and closed Russia’s consulate in Seattle to push back against the Russian poisoning of a spy in Britain. 

“With these steps, the United States and our allies and partners make clear to Russia that its actions have consequences,” Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said.

The Russian diplomats have seven days to leave the country, and have requested to stay anonymous. No names have been released by the Trump administration.

Further steps are being taken by other nations around the world to punish Russia for it’s involvement in the poisoning. From Yahoo News:

“The U.S. actions came as more than a dozen nations, including those in Russia’s neighborhood, were expected to announce similar steps to reduce Russia’s diplomatic presence in their countries or other actions to punish Moscow. Poland summoned Russia’s ambassador for talks, and its foreign ministry was among several in Europe planning news conferences later Monday.”

Levi Perry, owner and editor of The Daily Lev.