Trump’s Approval Rating Steadily Rising

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Despite media outrage and gun protests, President Trump’s approval ratings are at the highest since the honorific 100-day mark of his tenure.

According to a new CNN poll, albeit potentially biased, 42% of those asked approve of the president’s actions thus far.

Compared to Barack Obama at the same point in his presidency, President Trump is only 4 points behind; leaving many to speculate how such a small dissension could be when the mainstream media blasts Trump left and right.

Though the approval rankings are less than half of those inquired, a 7% increase in ratings since February must be acknowledged.

Within the Republican party and amongst independents, President Trump’s ratings have increased from 80% to 86% and 35% to 41%, respectively.

And while his ratings have varied over the past few months – 40% in January, 35% in February and presently 42% – the amount of those “strongly approving” and “strongly disapproving” have remained comparatively constant at 28% and 46%, correspondingly. Meaning: An increasing number of Americans stuck in the middle of voter turnouts seem to be leaning to the right.

When asked about President Trump’s economical organization, 48% approve, opposed to the 45% disapproving.

In light of the president’s recent tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from China, 38% approve, whereas 50% disapprove.

Surprising to some, 54% disapprove of the White House’s stance on gun control with only 36% approving.

Overall, it makes sense that despite social unrest and political correctness creeping into all facets of American daily lives, a decent majority still trust his cost-conscious approach to relieving the U.S. of the trillions of dollars in debt the nation has amounted.

Regardless of his approach being a short-term solution or long-term orientated, even those unaligned with the Democratic and Republican parties may very well be waking up to the true inadequacies plaguing this great nation.

Caleb Fernandez, writer at The Daily Lev.