Trump Blames Dems For No DACA Deal

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On Monday, President Donald Trump said that Democrats in Congress have let down DACA recipients, and illegal immigrants by not accepting his generous offer to help fix the disastrous Obama-era DACA program.

Even after the president offered to let nearly every single DACA recipient stay in this country and be granted citizenship in exchange for border wall funding, the Dems still wouldn’t budge. Now, President Trump has ended the offer to fix DACA fully.

From The Washington Times

“The Democrats have really let them down,” Mr. Trump told reporters at the White House. “They really let them down. It’s a shame. A lot of people have taken advantage of DACA.”

He was referring to a debate in Congress over some 700,000 illegal immigrants in the U.S. under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, and millions of other Dreamers who didn’t sign up for DACA.

This is absolutely the Democrats’ fault. Big time Dems in Congress don’t care about the DACA recipients, they only care about power. One of the contingencies on Trump’s DACA deal was that chain migration had to end, which would stop a large portion of illegal immigrants from pouring into this country. Less illegal immigrants in this country means less votes for the Dems. I guess an extra 800,000 wouldn’t have done the job for them.

The Dems will never sign a deal that limits the future amount of illegals to come in. This would put a limit on the future amount of illegal votes they receive. 

Levi Perry, owner and editor-in-chief of The Daily Lev.