Marching To Exploit Children

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A new study prepared through the Media Research Center (MRC) found just how biased the mainstream media currently is on left-ist versus right-wing ideals.

Publicity received for two marches analyzed in the study included the newly-risen “March For Our Live” protest and 45-year-old “March For Life” protest.

The MRC found, “the broadcast networks covered the March for Our Lives 13 times more than the pro-life march, the night of each event.”

Don’t believe it, just look at the following numbers the Counterfeit News Networks won’t be mentioning anytime soon.

When averaging the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) and National Broadcasting Company’s (NBC) airtime, the MRC found the “March For Our Lives” protest received about 28 minutes, 23 seconds worth of publicity.

Now compare that to the mere 2 minutes, 6 seconds of coverage “March For Life” gathers on average, there is undoubtedly a HUGE discrepancy in “objective reporting.”

The nation can agree that the 138 deaths caused by school shootings since 2012 (according to the New York Times) is unfortunate to say the least, but the 6 million plus lives which have been aborted since 2012 (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is astounding!

Democrats don’t like facts for a reason. The truth most definitely hurts… their own party.

Caleb Fernandez, writer at The Daily Lev.