Rand Paul Reminds Us Of FBI Trump Haters Security Clearance

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On Wednesday, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) reminded his constituents via Twitter that the two FBI officials who tried to undermine President Trump, and were kicked off of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team to investigate Trump still have access to classified information within the FBI.

Senator Paul stated on Fox News that if these two officials who were clearly against Trump within the Russia investigation still have access to top secret information within the FBI, that this poses a national security threat.

“the [FBI’s] non-answer specifically really is an answer, and [it] says they can search our databases,” Paul said regarding the two officials. “Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are enemies of President Trump. They were spending time at work trying to figure out how to keep him from being president, and if he were president, trying to have some sort of insurance policy to, I guess, prevent him from acting as president,” he added.

With these two people having access to databases that let them spy on the American people after they tried to undermine the president, how can the FBI keep its integrity and credibility… it can’t.

Levi Perry, owner and editor-in-chief of The Daily Lev.

information source: Infowars